Watermoon Preview Release 1


This being the first release of the Watermoon area, things are very sketch right now. Notably, there’s not a lot of progression gameplay available right now, the story is entirely missing, and balance is only a vague whisper. If you’re more interested in something you can actually play, you may want to wait until Preview Release 2 or 3.

That said, this release does include some pretty significant features that I’d love some feedback on:

  • New area: Watermoon, Gilded District. This will act as your “home base” in Watermoon. All your shops, trainers, and various interesting NPCs will be hanging out here. This area is kind of a skeleton at this point, but some entry-level weapons, accessories, and provisions can be purchased here.
  • New profession: Battle Witch. Inspired as an homage to Bayonetta, this profession makes use of magic and guns (yes guns) to fight. Requires Mastery of Mercenary and Bard professions to switch to.
  • New profession: Gladiator. Embrace your inner rage, grab an axe, and jump into the fight. Gladiators are built around dealing critical hits as frequently and as powerfully as possible. Requires Mastery of Mercenary and Caravan Guard to switch to.
  • New profession: Mist Dancer. Svelte, subtle, and a little bit sexy, Mist Dancers use their natural talents to get close to their enemies, and their hidden daggers to kill them. Requires Mastery of Bard and Caravan Guard to switch to.
  • New weapon: Guns. You can attack multiple times per round while using guns, but keep track of your ammo. When you run out, you must spend a turn reloading before you can attack again.
  • New weapon: Axes. Critical hits with axes deal an extra 1.5x damage, making them great for professions that have increase critical chance, like, say, Gladiators.
  • New weapon: Hidden Daggers. Every time you Defend with a Hidden Dagger equipped, you gain a 25% crit chance on your next attack.
  • New property: Burn. Applying Burn to a combatant will increase further attacks with “burn” by 120% damage while they remain burned. Cinders applies burn, but so too do some enemies!
  • New property: Chill: Applying chill to a combatant reduces their dodge chance by 10%. Icicle applies chill.

You’ll need to have beaten the Brown Dragon to travel to Watermoon, but the Stagecoach in Scatterslide will take you right there. You may be disoriented for a while on first arriving, as it’s a large city, but persevere! This is a test environment, and it is missing a lot of the story and introduction that will educate you on the city when all is done.

A whole lot of systems have been modified to create these professions with their very distinct weapons and playstyles, so expect a few sneaky bugs to have found their way in there. To facilitate digging these up, a “Test Fight” button has been installed at the Coliseum, where you’ll be matched up against a random enemy, levelled up to your character level.

I’m excited to hear all your feedback about these new changes, and keen to get to work on the new play and story areas that these will make use of!